What is a good ACoS Amazon Sponsored Products PPC Campaign?

The Amazon ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key measurement used to evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) of your Amazon Sponsored Products. ACoS shows the proportion of advertisement spend to get the Sale here’s how it’s determined: ACoS = advertisement spend ÷ Sale Amount Example: If an ad got you $100 sales and […]

2018 The Most Brutal Year Ever for Retail Chains Listing 30 Major Retailers Store Closing In 2018

This is likely to go down as the most brutal year ever for store chains. By our count, bankrupt Sears, Toys R Us, and others have closed well over 5,000 stores, and that’s looking only at the bigger chains. Smaller, regional retailers have been shuttering stores, too. The huge shopping shift away from the mall […]